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What does academy status really mean?

The government wants many more schools to become academies - but what do the much-talked about "freedoms" really amount to?

05 Jun 2010 BBC News Online

Honesty needed on education fundinig

Politicians often misrepresent where the education money goes - here's analysis of the official statistics.

15 May 2010 BBC News Online

Are the politicians right about standards?

We constantly hear politicians bemoaning how many children leave primary school unable to read and write but how true are their claims?

24 Apr 2010 BBC News Online

The scandalous neglect of 'Gifted and Talented' Pupils

Government policy has badly let down 'gifted and talented' pupils as one initiative after another is abandoned.

17 Mar 2010 The Guardian

What do the HE cuts really mean?

Are universities crying wolf over government funding cuts?

07 Feb 2010 BBC News Online

Verdict on Labour's 12 years running education

Official statistics give an insight into the achievements of Labour's stewardship of education.

16 Dec 2009 BBC News Online

We need a better system of student finance

The fees review should go back to first principles

20 Nov 2009 The Guardian

University admissions - what is fair?

Should universities take account of applicants' school and home backgrounds when deciding admissions?

10 Nov 2009 BBC News Online

Uncertain future for universities

What's happened to the long-awaited 'new framework' for higher education and the fees review?

24 Oct 2009 BBC News Online

Don't neglect older learners

We should not forget older learners - it's time to adjust our priorities.

20 Oct 2009 The Guardian 22nd September

The Cambridge Primary Review - Analysis

There's a lot more to the Cambridge Review than just raising the starting age for the formal primary curriculum -- which dominated most media coverage.

18 Oct 2009 BBC News Online

Lessons from the History of Primary Schools

Why are we still shackled by the past when it comes to primary school reform?

30 Sep 2009 The Guardian

Who controls the curriculum?

As the new Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency takes over from the QCA - and as David Cameron proposes a bonfire of the quangos - who should decide what schools teach?

31 Jul 2009 The Guardian

Private schools and charitable status

Look closely at the judgements on the first test cases and some clear criteria for charitable status emerge.

31 Jul 2009 BBC News Online

More comments on the MTL

More comments arising from the BBC News website article on the new Masters in Teaching and Learning

01 Jul 2009

Masters in Teaching and Learning

Soon all new teachers will be expected to gain a Masters degree within five years of qualifying - is it a good idea?

28 Jun 2009 BBC News Online

Readers' comments on Masters in Teaching and Learning

Here's a selection of the responses I received to the article which you can see in full here or on the BBC News website.

28 Jun 2009 BBC News

What's in store for education spending?

After Ed Balls' promise on protecting school spending (or was it just an aspiration?), how does the future look for education as public spending faces a squeeze?

17 Jun 2009 BBC News Online

A new political home for universities and colleges

As the dust settles on the Cabinet reshuffle what does the abolition of DIUS mean for universities and colleges?

17 Jun 2009 Guardian Education

University admissions maze

Do universities care about personal statements? How do they decide between applicants?

05 Jun 2009 The Guardian

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