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A level reforms: a good idea, badly presented

Gove's A-level reforms may be heading in the right direction but need to be treated with care.

18 Apr 2012 The Guardian

Time to give numeracy the literacy treatment

In her guest blog, Wendy Jones - trustee of National Numeracy - argues that the improvements seen in literacy levels can be extended to numeracy - but only with a concerted effort.

13 Mar 2012

A Russian Perspective on English schooling

My old friend Peter Polozhevets, who edits the equivalent of the TES in Russia, joined me and a group of Moscow teachers on a visit to Slough & Eton Business and Enterprise College. His impression of English education is fascinating.

06 Feb 2012 The Teachers' Newspaper (Russia)

The App Curriculum for 2014

The Director of the National Education Trust, ROY BLATCHFORD, peers into the future and predicts a time when every pupil in England has their own iPad and follows a stripped-down 'app curriculum'.

03 Jan 2012 Exclusive to

Will proposals to change university admissions work?

Careers adviser, Andy Gardner, has doubts about the viability of the UCAS proposals for a system of Post-Qualifications Admissions in higher education.

10 Nov 2011

Schools should make reading skills their top priority

As the new term begins, the Director of the National Education Trust,Roy Blatchford, challenges schools to make reading their top priority for the school year 2011-12.

05 Sep 2011 Exclusive to

Scrapping BSF left children in 'decrepit' schools

This guest article about the effect of scrapping BSF on education in one area is by Elaine Winter on behalf of Support Our Schools Newark Campaign. (The views are the authors own)

15 Jul 2011

Why Ofsted's 'satisfactory' is just not good enough

In this guest article, the influential Director of the National Education Trust and former HMI, Roy Blatchford, argues that Ofsted is missing a trick by failing to reform the grading system for school inspections.

07 Jun 2011 Exclusive to 'Mike Baker Education'

Rapid English

After meeting David Hore of Rapid English, and being struck by the novelty of his literacy scheme, I invited him to write this short piece to explain it to a wider audience.

26 May 2011

Charity's new scheme offers hope on fairer university access access

The Villiers Park Scholars Scheme is a ground-breaking response to the knotty problem of improving access to university for students from pooorer homes

04 May 2011 The Guardian

Boosting your chances of a place at a top university?

In this guest column, Wendy Heydorn, a 6th form adviser at Sevenoaks School, offers some helpful insights into how to increase your chances of getting in to Oxford and Cambridge.

13 Feb 2011 Guest Column on

Two Cheers for the English Bacc

In this guest column, HMI and Director of the National Education Trust, Roy Blatchford, argues the English Bacc is taking us in the right direction.

19 Jan 2011

Has the pupil premium lost its shine?

The pupil premium will be worth £430 per child next year as funding is phased in slowly. How much difference will it make?

21 Dec 2010 BBC News Online

£9,000 fees will turn students into consumers

Student leaders have warned that - if fees rise to £9,000 a year - they will be much more demanding 'consumers', changing university-student relations for ever.

19 Nov 2010 BBC News Online

Will all universities charge £9,000 fees

The government says universities should only charge £9,000 in 'exceptional circumstances' - but will universities toe that line?

19 Nov 2010 BBC News Online

School reform in England and the USA

Who is following whom in school reform policy on either side of the Atlantic? President Obama looks to Blair-ite reforms while Cameron mimics charter schools.

25 Sep 2010 The Guardian

US questions value of college

As tuition fees rise ever higher, and graduate jobs remain scarce, the value-for-money of US universities is being questioned.

25 Sep 2010 BBC News Online

Grant Maintained schools Mark II

The coalition government's reform of the academies programme is a return to the grant maintained schools of the late 1980s.

04 Aug 2010 BBC News Online

ICT in schools - back to the 'dark age'?

Is the government's indifference to ICT in schools turning back the clock on the use of computers for learning?

06 Jul 2010 BBC News Online

IGCSEs - spelling the end of the national curriculum?

The decision to allow state schools to teach the IGCSE suggests the national curriculum no longer rules

20 Jun 2010 BBC News Online

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