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Verdict on Labour's 12 years running education

Official statistics give an insight into the achievements of Labour's stewardship of education.

16 Dec 2009 BBC News Online

Student Loans Company ticked off for breaching rules

To add to its current failings over the late processing of student loans - which have l...

03 Dec 2009

Verdict on Labour's 12 year record

 It is astonishing how some parts of the media are so determined to attack the Labour govern...

07 Dec 2009

Raising Education Leaving Age - are we ready?

As I write this the countdown clock to the first raising of the education leaving age in England ...

09 Dec 2009

Pre Budget Report and Education

The education highlights from the Chancellor's Pre Budget Report include:

  • Sch...

    09 Dec 2009

Spening detail and teachers' pay in PBR

The 2009 Pre Budget Report papers show that funding for front-line schools will rise by 0.7% in r...

09 Dec 2009

University funding and the fees debate

 The Pre-Budget Report has thrown the whole debate over the future funding of universities a...

11 Dec 2009

Safeguarding - the rule changes

 The changes to the new safeguarding rules announced today hardly amount to a 'U-turn...

14 Dec 2009

University students in brilliant Aids Day stunt

 A group of Kingston University graphics design students came up with an original and eye-ca...

14 Dec 2009