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How will schools look in the future?

A fascinating 'think-in' looks at how schools might be funded and organised in the future. For more on this see:

05 Aug 2008 BBC News Online

School tests - do we still need them?

After the problems with the marking of the national curriculum tests, do we still need externally-marked tests or could we manage instead with teacher assessments and formal tests of a national sample of pupils?

01 Aug 2008 BBC News Online

Why not rely on teacher assessments instead of Sats?

I received the following email from a Year 6 primary school teacher. I felt his views deserved a ...

05 Aug 2008

Another bad experience with ETS

I've been an NCT marker (Key Stage3 Writing) ever since there ...

04 Aug 2008

National test results published

 So the government went ahead  with publication of the results even though not all the ...

05 Aug 2008

UCAS and clearing

 I hope your results went well, be they A-levels, AS-levels, Highers, BTecs or whatever...

16 Aug 2008

ETS contract ended

So the contract with the US company, ETS,  for the marking of the national curriculum tests ...

16 Aug 2008