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Bureaucratic threat to adult learning - join the campaign

This article produced huge reaction. There is a lot of anger and frustration out there about what is happening to WEA classes and adult education in general. Please add your comments - and give me some ammunition to write some more!

09 May 2008 The Guardian

Tips for schools dealing with the media

The following are my notes for a session given at the NAHT national conference in an event s...

05 May 2008

WEA and adult education - your reaction and responses

 Following huge email response to my Guardian article on the WEA and adult education, here a...

09 May 2008

Fascinating global views on schools reform

 This week I chaired the Cambridge Assessment conference at Lancaster House in London, which...

10 May 2008

Burden of testing

 An excellent report from the House of Commons Schools Select Committee on testing and asses...

18 May 2008