Website Archive - Oct 2007

Revolution amongst private schools?

As more independent schools apply to become City Academies are we seeing the start of a realignment in the schools sector?

09 Oct 2007 BBC News Online

School Dinners: how to increase take-up

School meals may be healthier since Jamie Oliver but fewer children are eating them. Urgent action is needed to improve take-up. Please post ideas from your school for improving school dinner or tell us what would apppeal to you as a parent or student.

13 Oct 2007 BBC News Online

Diplomas: what was that all about

The latest announcement from the government on Diplomas takes some unravelling -- but it looks like the A Level's days are numbered.

27 Oct 2007 BBC News Online

End of independent schools?

 It has been an interesting week for independent schools with the news that a 5th school has...

05 Oct 2007

What education gets in the Spending Review

Some extra money - but rate of growth still slower than in the past.

09 Oct 2007

School Dinners: let us know what worked for you

School meals are healthier than ever -- but fewer pupils are eating them.

What is to be d...

14 Oct 2007

Mature students and Access courses: problems?

Anyone else in universities and FE colleges aware of this concern, raised by Ian Greener, Admiss...

15 Oct 2007

The Ridings closes

Very sad, but perhaps inevitable, news that The Ridings school in Halifax will close and is ...

30 Oct 2007